Student & Faculty Research

We believe the classroom is just the beginning of discovery. Monmouth students and faculty push the boundaries of scholarship in their respective fields to create the ultimate place of learning.

Students in the SOFIA project directed by kinesiology lecturer Jen Braun, left, display and expla... Students in the SOFIA project directed by kinesiology lecturer Jen Braun, left, display and explain their research on how stress affects coaches' bodies.

Undergrad research starts now

Our SOFIA program – which stands for Summer Opportunities for Intellectual Activities – gives new students a chance to get on campus early and start building their new community. It brings together those new students with returning students who serve as mentors and faculty to conduct in-depth research and inquiry into a wide range of subjects from the sciences to the arts.

Recent projects have included:

  • travel to Royale National Park to use iDNA to identify wolf packs
  • experiments with cluster computing using Raspberry Pis
  • combining history and woodworking to recreate a historic plow using traditional hand tools
  • examining the phenomenon of body shame in marketing and advertising

Create, perform, research and write

Getting involved in projects is as easy as simply asking your professor. Because Monmouth is a living-learning community, our professors are always doing research and never turn down the opportunity for our students to help. 

Monmouth serves as the home of the Midwest Journal of Undergraduate Research. Known as MJUR, it’s a national, multidisciplinary journal showcasing outstanding undergraduate research. Unlike other undergraduate journals – which are run by a board of faculty and a staff of graduate students – MJUR gives undergraduate students opportunities to be involved. We also host the MJUR Conference of Undergraduate Research & Scholarship

In the spring, students, especially seniors, present their work as part of our annual Scholars Day, where they are recognized for their efforts at Honors Convocation.

Life after Monmouth

Although we are sad to see you leave after your four years, we are equally excited to see what you will become. Our advice and support don’t stop after you receive your diploma. We are here for you for the rest of your life.

Our Wackerle Center for Career, Leadership and Fellowships helps you get where you’re going next. Faculty and staff are also always eager to answer your questions about opportunities for internships and fellowships. We want to help you become the next recipient of a Rhodes, Fulbright, Goldwater or Udall fellowships, get that dream job or head to grad school. 

Monmouth participates in a Graduate School Exploration Fellowship. This is offered to sophomores in the arts, humanities and humanistic-social sciences and who are members of underrepresented groups. The fellowship helps prepare you for graduate school by offering the opportunity for an intensive research experience at a major university during the summer after your junior year, as well as other resources to help you make effective applications to graduate programs. Ask your professors or our Office of Academic Affairs for more information about this program.

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