Resources & Opportunities

Go abroad. Live our events. Become a better professional and human being. Choose your path through Spanish Speaking World!

Latin American & Spanish Film Series

We bring light to the cultures through a fun film series hosted every fall semester. We screen films from Cuba, Chile, Venezuela and Argentina. The theme for the 2019 series was mental health; the theme for the 2020 series was political and social activism; and the theme of the 2021 series is immigration.

International travel and study abroad

International travel is strongly recommended for language students because studying a language is greatly enhanced with a strong study-abroad experience. There’s no better way to fully immerse yourself in a culture than to speak the language.

Through our Office of Global Engagement, we offer short-term trips, full-semester and year-long opportunities to travel pretty much anywhere. Through our Passport Program, Monmouth reimburses students eligible to apply for a U.S. passport for the cost of getting their first passport or renewing a passport.

Monmouth in Mérida, Mexico

Monmouth and Mérida have a special relationship. Every spring we take a group our students, led by faculty, on a full semester immersion into Latin American culture in one of Mexico’s safest cities.