Sociology and Anthropology

Ask how and why people interact with one another and behave in a variety of contexts and across cultures. Examine social and cultural dimensions of the contemporary world.

Sociology and anthropology offer students the opportunity to examine the social and cultural dimensions of the contemporary world. These closely related disciplines address a variety of intellectual and policy-related topics and concerns.

Through a variety of courses, our students study the dynamics of interpersonal relations, social organization across cultures, the family, politics, criminal behavior, and the justice system. Our program examines the nature of the state, social institutions (such as education and medicine), and the structure of social and global inequality.

Embrace diverse cultures

Our sociology and anthropology program emphasizes the development of a student’s ability to think critically, analyze and synthesize diverse social data and concepts, and conduct research independently, as well as part of a team. The program also emphasizes a student’s ability to convey that research through sound and effective written and oral communication.

Best of two worlds

You get the best of two social sciences with our sociology and anthropology major and a focus on the helping professions in our human services concentration. We are among the first colleges to offer a human services concentration in the region. Our students from both majors have gone on to fulfilling careers in social work, counseling, project management and nonprofit work.

Students wishing to become high school sociology or anthropology teachers can major in Social Science Education with a concentration in Sociology/Anthropology.

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