Public Relations

Help organizations and brands engage and build relationships with stakeholders through strategic communication and storytelling.

Who tells your story?

Have a gift for telling a great story? Take pride in telling the world about the accomplishments of others? Do you feel a responsibility to defend those who are wrongly accused?

Public relations prepares you to use your gifts as a communicator in so many ways — help businesses grow and raise money; help politicians win elections; and help organizations or people you love get the attention they deserve.

Our major is an interdisciplinary program that prepare students for a wide range of jobs and careers. Students take courses that draw theoretical inspiration from well-established scholarly traditions, ranging from psychology and economics to advertising and rhetorical theory. This allows students to become creative, effective and ethical strategic communicators.

Hands-on experience

We bridge the gap between theory and practice by providing students with valuable internships and hands-on experience. This helps our students stand out in job applications. Students can get involved with the campus radio station (WFPS-FM), the campus television station (MC-TV) and the campus newspaper (Courier) to expand their resumes. Students are also provided with a substantial number of writing assignments that mirror tasks of public relations professionals. And they are encouraged to partake in theoretically anchored classroom discussions.

Public Relations News

  • Reading, Writing ... and Radio

    Monmouth College’s Jan Abel wins one of five national radio scholarships.
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  • CJ Bonifer ?22 at Wallace Hall.

    Episode 32: July 6, 2022

    On the podcast finale, C.J. Bonifer ’22 reflects on five years of producing the podcast and four years as a Monmouth College student.
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  • 1853 Podcast No. 28

    Episode 28: May 12, 2022

    Political science research by seniors Grant Miller (top, left) and Matt Datlof (top, right) and professor Andre Audette (top center); juniors Shay Hafner (bottom, left) and Ally Clay talk about being accepted into the prestigious Fund for American Studies summer program (interview begins at 9:50).
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  • Global Public Health

    Minor inSolving world problems.