Understand the biological, developmental and social factors that help determine and explain behavior.

Psychology majors learn to understand the biological, developmental and social determinants of behavior. Our graduates are prepared for success in a variety of occupations — counseling, marketing and sales, management, human resources, community outreach and social work.

Our major gives students the tools to succeed by providing intellectual and practical engagement though internships, participation in conferences, travel and research. Our courses cover a broad range of topics in counseling, social and political psychology, developmental psychology, Biopsychology and Neuroscience

Students wishing to become high school psychology teachers can major in Social Science Education with a concentration in Psychology.

Psychology News

  • One of Nation’s Best Academic Stewards

    Monmouth’s work with students earns a No. 31 spot in new Academic Stewardship rankings released by Academic Influence.
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  • Senior Profile: Kendall Burt

    Psychology major impresses art therapy interview team at Southern Illinois University-Edwardsville grad program.
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  • Kenzie Baker and Jake Starkey

    Episode 19: February 11, 2022

    Psychology seniors Kendall Burt and Camie Graham discuss their research; the Voice of Fighting Scots Athletics Nathan Baliva interviews assistant track and field coach Kenzie Baker ’21 and assistant baseball coach Jake Starkey ’19 (pictured; interview starts at 11:00).
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