Requirement for nursing programs vary depending on the program. The prerequisite courses listed below are underlined for the Rush University Generalist Entry Masters (GEM) program. This program has a small number of requirements and is therefore compatible with most majors at Monmouth College. Other courses listed are typically required by other generalist entry masters programs or accelerated BSN programs.

There is quite a bit of flexibility in the course requirements for Pre-Nursing; those students interested in nursing as a career should speak to a Pre-Health advisor for advice on scheduling the prerequisite classes in combination with their intended major.


Fall Semester

Spring Semester


CHEM 140 General Chemistry

BIOL 150


ENGL110 or COMM101

BIOL 200 (Cell Biology)

ENGL110 or COMM101

CHEM 220 Analytical Chemistry

Major course/Gen Ed.


CHEM 228 Organic Chemistry I

BIOL 204 Anatomy & Physiology

STAT 201 Statistics I

Major course/Gen Ed.


BIOL 325 Advanced Anatomy & Physiology

PSYC 101 Intro to Psychology

Major course/ Gen. Ed.


Microbiology (BIOL 302)

SOCI 101 or ANTH 101

Upper Level courses in Major


BIOCHEM 201 Nutrition

PSYC 221 Lifespan Development

Majors courses


Majors courses

Majors courses



Transfer Credits:

Across the Core Curriculum and other programs of Monmouth College, most transfer courses are accepted. Departments Chairs have the final determination regarding how transfer credit will be applied to meet major or minor requirements. More information for transfer students is available on our Admission Transfer Credits page.