Professional Physical Therapy programs have specific prerequisite courses required for admission, but they do not require a specific major.

Popular majors for students pursing physical therapy school include Biology, Biopsychology and Exercise Science.

The following courses are the most likely to be recommended or required for graduate physical therapy programs, but specific prerequisites for physical therapy graduate programs vary by school. We encourage students to consider their specific list of graduate programs of interest so they can work with advisers to create a custom tailored plan.

Below is a sample academic plan for a student interested in majoring in Exercise Science. Each student’s academic path may look slightly different, depending on placements, major, preferences and academic strengths. Full course descriptions can be found on the Chemistry, Biology, Math and Physics sites.

See Sample Academic Plan

Courses required or recommended for Physical Therapy program applications:

  • CHEM 140
  • CHEM 220
  • BIOL 150
  • BIOL 155 or BIO 200
  • BIOL 204
  • BIOL 325
  • MATH 141 (if required based on placement)
  • MATH 151
  • PHYS 130
  • PHYS 132
  • PSYC 101