Resources & Opportunities

Meaning of Life Lunch

Dedicated to the discussion of philosophical and theological topics beyond the classroom, the Samuel Thompson Society sponsors a weekly, informal “Meaning of Life Lunch.” Students, staff and faculty are encouraged to bring their lunches and engage in about an hour’s worth of discussion in the living room of the Weeks House (corner of North Ninth Street and Broadway). 

Samuel M. Thompson Lecture 

Samuel M. Thompson served in the Monmouth philosophy department for 46 years. After graduating from Monmouth with a degree in English in 1924, he earned a master’s and Ph.D. degree in philosophy from Princeton University. Most notable among his publications were two popular textbooks — A Modern Philosophy of Religion and The Nature of Philosophy.

The department also sponsors the Samuel M. Thompson Essay Contest in the Humanities.

Off-campus and volunteer opportunities

The department offers many opportunities for off-campus study and volunteerism, sponsoring alternative spring break trips that allow students to give back to local organizations or provide service in other parts of the country or world during school breaks. The department has sent majors to the Newberry Library program in Chicago to study in the library’s collections.

Student research

As general editor of William James Studies professor Ermine Algaier works with student research assistants for the professional journal each semester. The purpose of the research position is to provide students with a behind-the-scenes look at scholarship and academic publishing, while also assisting them in developing skill sets that will make them more marketable for graduate schools and/or career paths.

Professor Ermine Algaier, center, leading one of two research trips to Houghton Library at Harvar...

Professor Ermine Algaier, center, leading one of two research trips to Houghton Library at Harvard University, with students Melissa Hernandez '18, left, and Diana Rubi Galindo '18.

William James Studies is an interdisciplinary peer-reviewed journal dedicated to publishing high-quality, scholarly articles related to the life, work and influence of William James. William James Studies is an open-access journal so as to ensure that all who have an interest in William James have access to its contents. The journal is published online by the William James Society. Recent students who have participated include:

  • Leslie Cervantes, Spring 2020
  • Akua Atta Boateng, Fall 2019
  • Caitlyn B. Allen, Spring 2019
  • Derek E. Denton, Fall 2018
  • Anna Brown and Connor Schmall, Spring 2018
  • Melissa Hernandez and Diana J. Rhubi, Fall 2017