Philosophy major requirements

PHIL 201 Critical Thinking: Introduction to Logic
PHIL/RELG 207 Ethics: Philosophical and Religious

Two courses from the history of philosophy sequence

PHIL 205 Classical and Medieval Philosophy
PHIL 307 Modern Philosophy
PHIL 311 Contemporary Philosophy

One of three senior capstone options

  1. Senior Thesis (Phil 450 and Phil 452)
  2. Senior Project (Phil 452 and, in most cases, Phil 450)
  3. An additional elective in philosophy supplemented with independent research (Phil 450)

Five elective courses in philosophy

Two courses from the history of Philosophy sequence. Three elective courses in

PHIL 101 Introduction to Philosophy
PHIL 211 Philosophy of Education 
PHIL 213 Philosophy of Religion
PHIL 215 Philosophy of Art 
PHIL 217 Peace: Philosophical and Religious Approaches
PHIL 218 Peace with Justice
PHIL 225 Philosophy and Feminism
PHIL 230 Political Philosophy from Plato to the Present
PHIL 250 Special Topics 
PHIL 300 Philosophy and Religions of Asia  
PHIL 310 Environmental Ethics
PHIL 316 Existentialism
PHIL 320 Individualized Study 
PHIL 340 Africana Philosophy
PHIL 350 Topics in the History of Philosophy