Requirements for pharmacy schools vary a great deal.

All require a minimum of 1.5 years of Biology, two years of Chemistry and a year of Physics. Most also require Economics and Psychology classes. Some require specific communications classes (usually something beyond COMM 101) and English beyond ENGL 110.

Typical science requirements for pharmacy school are listed below, with the recommend equivalents at Monmouth. We encourage students to consider their specific list of graduate programs of interest so they can work with advisers to create a plan tailored to their plans. The Pharmacy College Application Service (PharmCAS) information pages detail requirements of individual schools.

In addition to coursework, most pharmacy schools also require the Pharmacy College Admission Test (PCAT). 

Pharmacy Program Requirements Recommended Equivalent Courses
Biology with Lab (1 year) BIOL 150
BIOL 155 or BIOL 200
General Chemistry with Lab (1 year) CHEM 140
CHEM 220
Organic Chemistry with Lab (1 year) CHEM 228
CHEM 230
Anatomy and Physiology (1-2 semesters) BIOL 204
BIOL 325
Calculus I MATH 151
Physics with Lab (1 year) PHYS 130 
PHYS 132

Transfer Credits:

Across the Core Curriculum and other programs of Monmouth College, most transfer courses are accepted. Departments Chairs have the final determination regarding how transfer credit will be applied to meet major or minor requirements. More information for transfer students is available on our Admission Transfer Credits page.