Medication improves lives, but it can be mixed incorrectly or taken in the wrong dose. Pharmacists help people safely and confidently get the medicine they need.

Preparation for pharmacy school is a unique path for each student. Our personalized advising ensures that students are well-prepared with a strong foundation in the sciences, plus internship and shadowing opportunities.

Pharmacists help people live better, healthier lives

Many pharmacists work in retail pharmacy at your local grocery store or Walgreens, but pharmacists also have essential roles in a hospital and other healthcare settings. Pharmacists fill prescriptions, work with patients to monitor symptoms and side effects, and advise healthcare professionals about safe and effective medicines use and potential drug interactions. 

Our programs prepare students for successful applications to pharmacy school

Admission to pharmacy school requires the completion of the Pre-Pharmacy prerequisite requirements that are specific to each graduate school. Some schools accept students without a bachelor’s degree who have satisfied prerequisite requirements; most schools prefer applicants who have completed an undergraduate degree.

Additionally, pharmacy schools look for applicants who have a variety of experiences, including scientific research and internship or work experience. Because of the course requirements, Chemistry, Biochemistry and Biology are common majors for students who plan to attend pharmacy school. 

Pre-Pharmacy News

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