Peace, ethics, and social justice minor requirements

Required courses

PESJ 218 Peace with Justice—An introduction to peace and justice studies
PESJ 401 Senior Project—a project or thesis directed by a faculty member in PESJ


Three electives—at least one of which is taken in the Humanities and at least one in the Social Sciences.

Social Sciences

ANTH 260 Cultures of the Middle East
ANTH 264 Anthropology of Waste and Garbage
ANTH 368 Anthropology of Childhood
COMM 296 Gender, Language, and Communication
COMM 337 Communication Criticism
EDST 215 Human Diversity and Exceptionality
HIST 220 World War II: The Pacific War
POLS 150 Global Justice
POLS 270 Introduction to International Relations
PSYC 323 Psychology of Gender
PSYC 334 Social Inequality
SOCI 247 Race and Ethnicity
SOCI 345 Social Inequality


CLAS 240 Labor, Class, and Slavery in Antiquity
HIST 230 Labor, Class, and Slavery in Antiquity
PHIL/RELG 207 Ethics
PHIL/RELG 217 Peace: Philosophical and Religious Approaches
PHIL 225 Philosophy and Feminism
PHIL 310 Environmental Ethics
PHIL 340 Africana Philosophy