Pre-Occupational Therapy

Working, eating, driving — when illness or injury strike, tasks that once were easy can suddenly seem impossible. Occupational therapists help people get back to the things they need, want and love to do.

Build the foundation to help others develop, maintain and recover their ability to perform meaningful work and life activities. While physical therapists are focused primarily on physical mobility and strength, occupational therapists help people across the lifespan to do the things they want and need by helping them promote health and prevent — or live better with — injury, illness or disability. Students interested in graduate school in occupational therapy are well-prepared by majoring in Biopsychology, Psychology or Biology.

Aside from content knowledge, our students gain communication skills, writing skills, leadership skills and the ability to critically analyze information. Our liberal arts foundation and strong preparation in biology and psychology sets our students apart as graduate school applicants. Our Pre-OT education also provides ample opportunities for student-designed independent research.

Joanna Podosek '18, a biopsychology graduate, is pursuing her doctorate in occupational thera... Joanna Podosek '18, a biopsychology graduate, is pursuing her doctorate in occupational therapy at Midwestern (Illinois) University.The American Occupational Therapy Association is the accrediting agency for occupational therapy graduate programs. The association offers a searchable database of accredited graduate schools, detailed information about admissions criteria, information about the OT licensure process and additional resources for students pursuing OT pathways.

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