Resources & Opportunities


The one with a cadaver lab 

Our facilities are as good as our programs. State-of-the-art cell biology, genetics and molecular chemistry labs combine with a full range of chemistry and biology labs – including a cadaver lab for human anatomy – to give you the best hands-on experiences. Our Center for Science and Business will become your home away from home as you immerse yourself in learning for your degrees and training for your career.

OSF HealthCare facilities and hospitals 

One of the best parts of this program is that you’ll have access to both our labs on campus and a host of other labs and facilities within the OSF HealthCare system. One of those hospitals, OSF Holy Family Medical Center, is right here in Monmouth. You’ll also be able to utilize the entire OSF network, including one of the leading children’s hospitals in Illinois at OSF Saint Francis Medical Center in Peoria. 

Upon completion of your BSN coursework, Saint Francis Medical Center College of Nursing will support you in the journey to taking your NCLEX exam. The College of Nursing will work to ensure that you are prepared and have the resources to pass on your first attempt. 

All this adds up to plenty of jobs for nurses like you: highly educated, skilled, and ready to step in as others retire. You’re the solution, and the solution is the good work you’ve trained for.