The medical school application process is rigorous. Our pre-med program combines big-school resources with small-school benefits, such as personalized advising and MCAT prep.

Preparation for medical school is an individual path for each student. Our faculty and pre-health advisers help blaze the trail that fits each student best. By pursuing a Pre-Medical track, students are well-prepared for the academic rigors of medical school with a strong foundation in the sciences, as well as the problem-solving and communication skills provided by a liberal arts education.

You’ve got options

Most Pre-Med students choose to major in Biochemistry, Biology, Chemistry, or Neuroscience because those programs have the most overlap between requirements for the major and medical school prerequisites. As long as students satisfy appropriate prerequisites for medical school applications, they can choose the major that fits their interests.

Medical schools of recent graduates

Medical Schools recent Monmouth graduates are attending include University of Illinois, Southern ...

Solid academic preparation is critical, but we also help students outside of the classroom

We help students find internships and shadowing experiences that match their interests and help them explore what type of career in medicine they want to pursue. Faculty and advisors work closely with each student to determine their passions and goals. Research experience begins as early as a student’s first year. Students feel well-prepared for medical school because of their experiences in our labs. 

Pre-Medicine News

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