Mathematics major requirements (12 courses total, 9-11 in MATH)

A major in mathematics consists of an introductory sequence, a breadth requirement, electives, a capstone experience, and PHYS 130 or 132 (Introductory Physics I or II) or CHEM 140 (General Chemistry I) to satisfy the Science Lab course of the general education requirement.
Introductory Sequence: Take the following six courses:

MATH 151 Calculus I
MATH 152 Calculus II
MATH 241 Linear Algebra
MATH 253 Calculus III
MATH 260 Discrete Structures

Mathematical Programming:

Take one of the following three courses:

COMP 151 Introduction to Programming
DATA 151 Introduction to Data Science
PHYS 214 Computational Methods for the Physical Sciences

Mathematical Traditions:

Take one of the following three courses:

MATH 301 Real Analysis
MATH 311 Modern Algebra
MATH 317 Geometry


Choose three additional courses from the following list, at least two above the 300 level:

MATH 254 Differential Equations
MATH 301 Real Analysis
MATH 311 Modern Algebra
MATH 317 Geometry
MATH 323 Numerical Analysis
MATH 339 Probability
MATH 340 Mathematical Modeling
MATH 350 Topics in Mathematics
MATH 410 Research in Mathematics*
MATH 420 Independent Study*
STAT 201 Statistics I**

Flex Elective:

Choose an additional course either from the above list or from the following list:

BIOC 300 Bioinformatics
COMP 340 Analysis of Algorithms
COMP 350 Topics in Computer Science*
DATA 350 Topics in Data Science*
ECON 371 Introduction to Econometrics
MCTE 372 Secondary Mathematics Curriculum and Instruction***
PHYS 311 Math Methods in Physics
PHYS 356 Statistical Physics
STAT 202 Statistics II
STAT 345 Linear Regression and Analysis
STAT 350 Topics in Statistics*

Capstone Experience:

Take the following two 0.5 credit courses:

MATH 401 Senior Capstone: Research Proposal
MATH 402 Senior Capstone: Research Implementation

* Counts at the discretion of the Department
** Or equivalent
*** Counts with Secondary Education Licensure

Mathematics minor requirements (5 courses)

A minor in mathematics consists of two required courses and three electives at the appropriate level.

One course from the calculus sequence

MATH 151 Calculus I
MATH 152 Calculus II
MATH 253 Calculus III

One course from the following two courses

MATH 241 Linear Algebra
MATH 260 Discrete Mathematics

Electives above the 150 level to total 5 courses in mathematics. At least one elective should be at or above the 300 level. MATH 210 and 211 will not count toward the minor.