Mathematics is a universal language — an elegant way of talking about foundational principles of the world. A math degree is a passport to that world.

Mathematics is one of the oldest and most fundamental sciences. Math students use mathematical theory, computational techniques, algorithms and the latest computer technology to solve a wide range of economic, scientific, engineering, physics and business problems.

A variety of options

Our program offers courses in a variety of areas, including calculus, discrete mathematics, linear and modern algebra, geometry, probability and statistics. A mathematics education component is also available for students interested in a teaching career.

Students majoring in Mathematics can also pursue Mathematics Teacher Licensure (9-12).

Mathematics News

  • Bond’s Team Awarded NSF Grant

    Along with other researchers, Monmouth math professor receives $600,000 National Science Foundation grant to study attitudes toward statistics, data science.
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  • Alumna Working with NASA

    Through fellowship, Emily Sheetz ’18 will assist with robotics for the space program.
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  • Episode 9: Oct. 23, 2020

    Professors Robert Hinck and Robert Utterback discuss their study of how the media in China, Iran and Russia are following the U.S. presidential election; meet the two winners of the 10th-annual moot court competition.
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