Marketing at Monmouth is creative, analytical, and driven.
It’s engaging education needed for the digital world we live in. 

Why Monmouth?

Marketing at Monmouth is the best of both worlds. You’ll learn how to mix quantitative research and data with creative analysis to cultivate ways to best serve your audience and make the most out of your marketing efforts.

With classes in digital marketing, social psychology and data analysis our program works across disciplines to give you the skills to create effective marketing and advertising, plan a cohesive strategy and be a leader in your field.

Double major. What, like it’s hard?

We created this major to pair well with a number of different disciplines. It’s only a four course difference from a business administration degree so it’s possible to double major. Or add marketing skills to any other major like psychology, art, or sports information just to name a few. Think working in the NFL or at the local arts center. The possibilities are endless. 

One of the fastest growing careers

These four years are going to fly by, but you’ll be ready for life after Monmouth in one of the fastest growing industries. Bonus: the Wackerle Career Center, along with our super helpful alumni network, are always at the ready to help you get the internship, ace the interview and score that first job.

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