Resources & Opportunities

Moot court competition

Each fall, Monmouth hosts a moot court competition for students. Participants can choose to prepare and deliver oral arguments and/or a written case brief on a current constitutional issue.

The preliminary round is judged by attorneys, many of whom are alumni. The final round judges include a mix of faculty and area judges or attorneys.

All students are eligible to participate in moot court, regardless of major. If you would like additional assistance preparing for moot court, consider taking our quarter-credit moot court course (optional) or attending one of our outside tutoring sessions.
Scenes from 2022 Moot Court competition

moot court 2022

Check out the whole album from prelims to finals

Preparing for law school

The Law School Admission Test (LSAT) is used by all major law schools as a significant portion of their admission decisions. We generally advise taking the LSAT the summer after your junior year. Our courses will help you develop the skills needed to succeed on the LSAT. Each spring Monmouth offers free LSAT prep sessions, and we provide a number of other resources to help you achieve your full potential.

In addition to LSAT preparation, we offer personalized, individual advising on the law school search and application process, law school selection and career readiness.

Internships and experiences

You can benefit from many local internships, spending a semester or year in the state capital of Springfield, working in government, or in Washington, D.C., working in the nation’s capital. Internships may be taken for course credit. Internship opportunities are occasionally distributed by the pre-law adviser or the Wackerle Center for Career, Leadership & Fellowships.

Connect with legal professionals

The pre-law program hosts talks and Q&A sessions for students with legal professionals. You will have the opportunity to hear from attorneys, judges, law students, law enforcement officers others who work in the legal profession. It’s a great way to build your network and to gain perspectives about the legal environment.