COMM 260. Introduction to Journalism 1.0 course credit

An examination of the fundamentals of news writing, news gathering, and reporting for print and electronic press. Stresses the elements of style, construction, and syntax in writing clear and concise copy. Special emphasis will be placed on writing and reporting news stories that are researched, written and posted on the Warren County Newswire, an on-line news site published exclusively by Monmouth College students. The course will include instruction in writing and reporting for print and electronic media. We will examine the editorial decision-making process as well as media coverage of major news events. Prerequisite: COMM 101 and ENGL 110.

PUBR 267. Layout and Design 1.0 course credit

A study of design and layout concepts as they apply to print and electronic communication. Applications include Web site design and the creation and implementation of media projects (promotional graphics, printed materials, and photo-illustrations). Combines application of communication theory with practice in developing successful projects.
Prerequisite: COMM 101.

PUBR 363. Media and Public Relations Writing 1.0 course credit

A broadcast media and public relations writing course providing practical experience in the creation of commercial and noncommercial materials for radio, television, print and news media. Prerequisite: COMM 261 or PUBR 341. Offered each semester.