In our fragmented society, it’s never been more difficult to know the truth. That’s why we need highly trained journalists.

Smart journalism

Our journalism minor offers opportunities for students to gain pre-professional experiences to prepare for fast-paced careers in journalism. In addition to the internship experience, students participate in campus media through a student-run newspaper, TV station and radio station.

Grounded in the liberal arts curriculum, students completing the journalism minor use their major to inform their studies. The journalism minor trains students to be critical thinkers and exceptional writers; it provides knowledge and skill in reporting, news writing and visual design principles for both legacy and emerging media.

Go beyond the story

Journalism minors understand the history and background that shapes journalistic communication. With the knowledge of the foundation and history of journalism, they find the truth quickly and accurately, and carefully consider different views and data. They research, evaluate and report on the issues affecting their communities and the disciplines they study. Journalism minors aren’t afraid to think critically, creatively and independently. 

Career opportunities

Advertising Manager
Public Information Specialist
Sports Announcer

Journalism News

  • Educational Garden & Farm

    Experiencing lifeFrom seed to table.

  • Global Public Health

    Minor inSolving world problems.