International Studies

Travel the world. Joke with new friends in their native language. Contribute to global peace and economic growth.

International studies is an interdisciplinary major grounded in the liberal arts tradition. It draws upon many disciplines, including history, political science, economics, foreign language study, ethics and globalization theories.

Our program offer students a multicultural education and provides them with the skills for engaged participation in the global civil society and the pursuit of an internationally oriented career.

International studies includes foundational courses that help students see global issues from a historical, political, economic and cultural perspective. Students can explore different regions and topics in electives courses in several other departments.

Program goals

The International Studies major will:

  • Master the conceptual and analytical tools necessary to analyze and comprehend our interconnected, globalized world.
  • Be fluent in one world language.
  • Learn across multiple disciplines.
  • Demonstrate a strong interest and appreciation of different cultural perspectives and worldviews.
  • Comprehend the top issues in modern global history and international politics.
  • Possess excellent research, writing and communication skills.
  • <blockquote class="callout-quote"><div class="callout-quote-text"><p> “I got to learn and experience Scottish literature beyond Burns and Scott, which offered me a deeper and more unique understanding of the Scottish people and culture that I didn’t have beforehand.”</p></div><footer class="callout-quote-footer">Joe Doner ’21, French & International Studies Double Major</footer></blockquote>

Career opportunities

The number of jobs in both private and public sectors with an international component is growing rapidly. Foreign language proficiency and a cross cultural perspective are now seen as essential skills in the job market.

The international studies major provides a strong, diversified liberal arts education. The emphasis on different disciplines allows students to customize their own major, while supporting intellectual development applicable to many careers in education, law, private industry, tourism, international organizations, journalism, media, and government and nongovernmental agencies.

International Studies News

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