Resources & Opportunities

Department support and equipment

The international business program is a part of the Business  and Economics department, housed in the Haywood Business Wing of the Center for Science & Business. Former President Bruce Haywood’s philosophy and leadership were the inspiration that led to the creation of the department’s unique and successful approach to undergraduate business education.

The Center for Science and Business is a popular study spot for students, with lots of cozy lounges and the P.O.D. (Provisions on Demand), a grab-and-go spot for coffee and snacks.

Beyond the classroom

Students are strongly encouraged to enroll in one of Monmouth’s foreign exchange programs. The most popular of these programs are in Scotland and Japan. Participants in international programs learn about a nation’s business environment, culture and language while living and studying in that country.

Career opportunities for international business majors exist in all types of organizations because even small firms do business internationally. Employers of international business graduates include: multinational corporations, financial and research institutions, manufacturers, management and marketing consulting, government, and technology companies. Graduates joining small and mid-sized firms will find many complex and challenging international business opportunities in the United States and abroad.

Career opportunities

Foreign Affairs Analyst
Logistics Coordinator
Foreign Service Officer
Immigration Specialist
Business Analyst
Language Specialist
FBI Agent