Core requirements

BUSI 105 Introduction to Commerce
ECON 200 Principles of Economics
BUSI 201 Business Problem Solving
ACCT 203 Financial Accounting
BUSI 205 Business Math and Statistics
BUSI 218 Business Writing
BUSI 290* International Business Practicum*
ECON 301 Intermediate Macro Economics
BUSI 305 Administration and Organization
BUSI 306 Business Finance
BUSI 307 Principles of Marketing
BUSI 345 Globalization and International Management
ECON 360 International Trade and Finance
BUSI 409 International Business Strategy

*Students can satisfy the international travel requirement for this course by completing an approved study abroad experience or BUSI 290.

Electives outside business and accounting

Students must choose one course from the list below or complete one elective course with approval of the department chair.

HIST 130 European Union
ECON 351 Comparative Economic Systems
POLS 270 Introductions to International Relations
POLS 366 International Organizations
POLS 370 Development Policies and Interventions

Other recommended courses

ANTH 364 Cities in Cross-Cultural Perspective
HIST 220 Modern Global History
HIST 320 Pacific Stories
POLS 150 Global Justice
POLS 200 Intro to Comparative Politics
POLS 202 Modern Japan
POLS 361 Africa in World Politics
PSYC 237 Industrial/Organizational Psychology
PSYC 290 Cross-Cultural Psychology Practicum
RELG 100 Introductions to World Religions
SOCI 346 Immigrant Communities
Foreign Language coursework beyond the 102 level.