Honors Program

Challenge yourself to go the extra intellectual mile. Be a part of a community of the most engaged and curious students on campus.

The Honors Program provides exciting learning opportunities that go above and beyond ordinary courses for students who seek more challenging intellectual engagements and debates. Students will examine topics in great depth through topical courses and conclude with an honors thesis.

Honors students come from all departments across campus and bring their unique abilities and interest to their honors courses. Honors courses are taught by faculty from all departments and offer very different department perspectives. This broad mix of students, professors and topics make honors courses different than any other courses you’ll take on campus.

Applying to the Honors Program

Natalie Curtis '18, a math and art major, used her honors thesis to design an installation fo... Natalie Curtis '18, a math and art major, used her honors thesis to design an installation for the Center for Science and Business.The Honors Program is by invitation or nomination only. Students are invited to apply to the program based on scores and grades when admitted as high school seniors.

Students who did not apply to the program as part of their admission process to the College can also be nominated by the end of their first semester at the College by a professor. In both cases they have to submit an application, and a 500-word essay about a topic that will be provided.

Fall 2021 applicants to the College  will be notified with more information about the application process later in the spring semester.  To be recognized as an Honors graduate of Monmouth College, a student must have at least 4.0 course credits in the Honors Program, attain at least a grade of B− in each course, and graduate with a 3.5 cumulative GPA from Monmouth.

Honors Program News

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