We offer both a history major (10 courses) and minor (5 courses).

The history major is designed to give students a broad background in historical knowledge while sharpening their analytical and writing skills throughout their coursework. Students will understand what it means to “be a historian” and, by the end of the program, will produce a paper based on original research.

History major requirements

Note: If you entered Monmouth College prior to Fall 2018 you can choose to either follow the requirements below OR our old program requirements. Talk to an advisor about these options.

10 total course credits, which must include:

2 Required Surveys

One US History (HIST 110, 111, OR 112)
HIST 220 Modern Global History

HIST 260 Historian’s Craft

Two 300 level courses before Senior Seminar

HIST 400 Senior Seminar

Four electives.

Note: students can only count three 100 level courses toward the major; must have a total of 3 non-Western courses (Global History and two more); and may only cross-list two courses to count for history credit.

History minor requirements

Students must take five course credits in history.

Of the five credits, students must take at least one credit at the 200 level and one at the 300 level

History major with 9-12 teacher licensure

The full list of requirements for teacher licensure can be found on the History & Social Science Teacher Education pages of the education site.