Global Public Health

Public health promotes, protects and improves the health of people and their communities — local, regional and global.

What does it mean for a country to be “healthy?” That question will drive healthcare professionals, medical researchers and epidemiologists for decades to come following the global COVID-19 pandemic.

Public health has never been more crucial to our individual and societal well-being.

Global public health is an interdisciplinary field that focuses on improving physical and mental health around the world. Students research disease and treatments, promote healthy lifestyles, and study prevention of illness and injury. 

Our program includes courses in kinesiology, modern languages and psychology. It teaches students to understand and improve health, from the individual to the whole world. Global Public Health takes a holistic approach to tackle a truly holistic issue — the health of all of us.

The Global Public Health program is part of the Center for Civic and Social Change, which also houses the Global Food Security program. 

Global Public Health News

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