Required core courses for minor (2 courses)

GFSS 101 Introduction to Global Food Security
GFSS 401 Research in Global Food Security
GFSS 402 Research in Global Food Security

Electives (2-3 courses, one from each category)

Global Food Security Core Electives 

ANTH 220 Anthropology of Food
ANTH 288* Special Topics in Anthropology
BIOL 109 Plants and Society
BIOL 155 Introduction to Ecology, Evolution, and Diversity
BIOL 212 Plant Biology
CHEM 250 Principles of Nutrition
EDST 260 Food, Ethics, and Education
HIST 110 World History of Food
ECON 250 Economics and Food
PHIL 310 Environmental Ethics
POLS 375 Environmental Politics

General Electives (No more than 1 course)

ANTH 264 Anthropology of Waste and Garbage
COMM 333 Organizational Communication
BUSI 345 Globalization and International Business Management
ECON 360 International Trade and Finance
ECON 380 Environmental Economics
ESTS 103 Introduction to Environmental Studies and Sustainability
PHIL 218 Peace with Justice
POLS 361 Africa in World Politics
POLS 366 International Organizations
POLS 370 Development Policies and Interventions
SOCI 345 Social Inequality

* when topic is appropriate and approved by a coordinator