Exercise Science

Be a student of human movement and help people move better — athletes striving to improve in their sport; senior citizens learning new ways to stay active; and injured soldiers recovering their abilities.

Kinesiology is the study of anatomy, physiology and the mechanics of human movement. Here, students are as active as their discipline. Learn what exactly it takes to throw a football 80 yards, land a three-pointer or lift 500 pounds. Get practical, hands-on experience in the lab and in the classroom. Whatever you do in exercise science, you’ll make movements.

We go beyond the basics

Our program is about more than just learning physical activity recommendations and exercise guidelines. We focus on the holistic effects of all types of physical activity, including exercise physiology and the physiology of inactivity. Students gain hands-on experience in their first year and build their skills from there.

Students get plenty of hands-on experience working with our student-athletes and in a variety of ... Students get plenty of hands-on experience working with our student-athletes and in a variety of internships.

We take a practical approach that develops the critical-thinking and decision-making skills students need to work in exercise and health-related careers. Students use a variety of training philosophies, approaches, and methods that go beyond traditional modes of exercise and physical activity.

We create leaders and innovators. Our students learn how to prescribe physical activity, understand why those activities are beneficial, and promote healthy lifestyle changes.

Students studying Exercise Science can also choose a Physical Education Major with a Pre K-12 teacher licensure.

Exercise Science News

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