Environmental solutions require
diverse knowledge and approaches. 

  • Ken Cramer

    Professor, Biology

    Office phone: 309-457-2394
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  • Adrienne Hagen

    Assistant Professor and Co-Chair, Classics

    Office phone: 309-457-2374
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  • Anne Mamary

    Professor, Philosophy

    Office phone: 309-457-2389
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  • Michael Byron Nelson

    Assistant Professor and Chair, Political Science
    Director, Center for Civic and Social Change

    Office phone: 309-457-2422
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  • Your biology professor is also our Pipe Band director. That?s the liberal arts in action.

    Tim Tibbetts

    Professor and Chair, Biology
    Co-Coordinator, Neuroscience
    Director of Pipe Band Program

    Office phone: 309-457-2348
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