Resources & Opportunities

Creative and professional writing

Our students write all the time — journals, course portfolios, analytical essays, research papers. Our courses expose students to the history of the discipline and the various reading and writing skills necessary to succeed as an English major. After four years, our students take a “Senior Seminar,” the culmination of coursework in critical thinking, close reading, research and writing.

We offer introductory and advanced creative writing courses in fiction and poetry, and students are encouraged to write for or edit our literary magazine, Coil. Our “Creative Nonfiction” course concentrates on literary nonfiction and the personal essay. Students are also encouraged to work on our campus newspaper, the Courier, to intern at local publications, and to generate independent studies in creative writing or take up script, play or media writing in the Communication Studies and Theatre departments.

Want to teach? We do that, too.

Monmouth offers an Illinois state licensure board approved program in English-Language Arts, for students interested in becoming high school English teachers. We work closely with the Education Studies Department to ensure that students meet licensure requirements. 

Atmosphere matters

The Mellinger Teaching & Learning Center is home to the English Department. It also houses computer labs, faculty offices, the Writing Center, gathering spaces, and lots of ideal spots to get lost in a book. We hire department-trained writing assistants — a great opportunity for aspiring teachers — who are paid to tutor fellow students in writing strategies.

Graduate school opportunities

An English degree provides a solid foundation for careers in law, public relations, journalism, business, business writing, library science, publishing and editing, teaching and many other fields. Many department graduates pursue advanced degrees in law, English, fine arts, business administration and public policy, and teaching English as a second language.

Career opportunities

Research Analyst
Technical Writer
Marketing Consultant
Corporate Librarian
ESL Teacher