We’ve never been surrounded by so many stories.
How do we make sense of it all?

These days we are inundated with stories. On Netflix and Hulu, sure. But also in our media and in our politics — as influencers, companies, and world leaders rush to get their version of the truth out into the world. How do we make sense of all this noise?

English majors are highly employable

It starts with the skills and values that make English majors valuable and highly employable. The ability to read closely, think clearly, and then formulate convincing and creative arguments are the skills employers value most. A degree in English prepares students for work in almost any field. Our program celebrates the discipline and joys of close reading, critical thinking and good writing.

We offer the option of emphasizing in literary study, creative and professional writing, English Education or some combination of the three. We also teach interdisciplinary courses that are essential to the liberal arts in women’s studies, the Honor’s Program and as part of our core curriculum.

Each year we host visiting writers for readings and meet-and-greets with students. Each year we host visiting writers for readings and meet-and-greets with students.Personalized advising

Knowing our students as individuals is important. We keep track of student progress through personalized advising and portfolio management of their accomplishments. Most of our courses have 10-16 students, the perfect sized group for a discussion of literature. 

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