Engineers are thinkers, solvers, builders and doers. They make the seemingly impossible a reality — hydroelectric dams, microprocessors, space flight and artificial joint replacements.

It’s not easy to find engineering programs at a small liberal arts college.

Our program — which includes pathways for electrical and mechanical engineering — is unique for just that reason. We cover the technical expertise required for training engineers, but at its core our program prepares graduates well beyond the basics.

We train engineers for the future

We educate engineers capable of acquiring new knowledge quickly, adapting and engaging emerging problems, and informing public policy. Our courses prepare students to communicate effectively with experts and non-experts alike. Our goal is to produce engineers who are not only skilled at solving problems in engineering but also understand the cultural implications, content and context of their work. 

We call them renaissance engineers

Our graduates are prepared to make ethical and informed choices in a professional setting. Many of our world’s most important problems cross many disciplinary and cultural boundaries. The renaissance engineer can work and create in that kind of dynamic and broad environment. 

In addition to tracks for electrical and mechanical engineering as part of our bachelor of science degree, we also offer a major in physics and dual-degree partnerships with other colleges for students interested in another type of engineering. 

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