Academic Plan

Wondering if you will be able to graduate in four years?
Thinking about what classes you will take?

See below for a sample academic plan for student teaching in the spring. Contact Director of Teacher Education Dr. Tom Sargent for a plan if you want to student-teach in the fall or for any other questions.

  Fall Semester Spring Semester
First Year

COMM 101
INTG 101 ILA (core)
Foreign Language1
THEA 119
THEA 176

ENG 110
THEA 119
THEA 1733

Second Year

EDST 151
EDST 250
THEA 119
THEA 275
THEA 250

EDST 215
Science: Life/Physical with Lab
THEA 119
THEA 272
THEA 276
THEA 278

Third Year

EDST 220
*MCTE 200
*MCTE 300
MCTE 302
MCTE 333
THEA 119

MCTE 333

MCTE 370
THEA 119
THEA 273
THEA 370

Fourth Year

MCTE 305
MCTE 310
MCTE 312
THEA 119
THEA 377


*MCTE 470
*MCTE 475


  • Bold indicates course must be taken in this term
  • Underline indicates course must be taken in sequence
  • Regular type indicates flexibility when course is taken
  • An asterisk (*) indicates that a prerequisite exists for the course


  1. If advanced placement at the 102 level is earned for the general education requirement these become elective/content area courses.
  2. All coursework toward the major and licensure must earn a grade of “C” or higher.
  3. Counts toward the Beauty and Meaning in Works of Art requirement.