Academic Plan

Wondering if you will be able to graduate in four years?
Thinking about what classes you will take?

See below for a sample academic plan for student teaching in the spring. Contact Director of Teacher Education Dr. Tom Sargent for a plan if you want to student-teach in the fall or for any other questions.

  Fall Semester Spring Semester
First Year

COMM 101
INTG 101 ILA (core)
Foreign Language1
EXSC 130
EXSC 140

ENGL 110
QRAC/Content area course
EXSC 160
Foreign Language1

Second Year

EDST 151
EDST 220
EDST 250
EXSC 251

EDST 215
Science: Life/Physical with Lab
Beauty & Meaning: Appreciation/Participation
PHED 215
PHED 216

Third Year

*MCTE 200
*MCTE 300
MCTE 333

MCTE 305
EXSC 315

EXSC 330 (QRP)
MCTE 302
MCTE 333

MCTE 350
MCTE 351
*MCTE 377

Fourth Year

EXSC 325
*MCTE 310
MCTE 312
MCTE 333
MCTE 387
PHED 430

*MCTE 470
*MCTE 475


  • Bold indicates course must be taken in this term
  • Underline indicates course must be taken in sequence
  • Regular type indicates flexibility when course is taken
  • An asterisk (*) indicates that a prerequisite exists for the course


  1. If advanced placement at the 102 level is earned for the general education requirement these become elective/content area courses.
  2. All coursework toward the major and licensure must earn a grade of “C” or higher.
  3. IL State Educator Preparation and Licensure Board approved programs for K-12 Level Initial Licensure at Monmouth College include: Foreign Language-French, Foreign Language-Spanish, Music, and Physical Education. No other K-12 Level Initial Licensure programs are available through Monmouth College.