Music Education

Helping students discover the world of sound

Holly Reyner '21 completed her student teaching in the Farmington School District. Holly Reyner '21 completed her student teaching in the Farmington School District.A Monmouth music education degree prepares students to teach all areas of music PK-12 and fulfills the requirements for teacher licensure in Illinois. Monmouth students explore their passion for music education through band, choir, orchestra or general music.

Music education students are given opportunities for leadership positions within our many ensembles and have opportunities to lead ensembles in rehearsal and performance.

The close-knit community of students and small class sizes allow the music education student one-on-one attention while fostering their development as an educator. Our many alumni have excellent job placement throughout region.

  • <blockquote class="callout-quote"><div class="callout-quote-text"><p> “To become the educator I am today, it took a lot of dedication, perseverance and a passion for music. Finding the right place to reach my goals was crucial, and Monmouth was that place.”</p></div><footer class="callout-quote-footer">Luke Pratt ’18, music teacher in Elmwood (Illinois) School District</footer></blockquote>
  • <blockquote class="callout-quote"><div class="callout-quote-text"><p> “I could not have chosen a finer institution than Monmouth College. The Educational Studies and Music departments provided me with early hands-on experiences that reinforced my urge to join the profession, offered invaluable guidance to meet my scholarly needs, and taught me how to best serve every student based on their individual needs.”</p></div><footer class="callout-quote-footer">Katie Yelm ’17, music teacher in Monmouth-Roseville School District</footer></blockquote>