English Education

Empower students to envision new worlds through literature.

Lillybeth Mendez '18 teaches at Farmington (Illinois) High School. Lillybeth Mendez '18 teaches at Farmington (Illinois) High School.

The best English teachers empower their students to examine their place, share their voices, and make an impact. In our English teacher preparation program, we show our students how to do just that.

A two-part approach

Dive deep into a wide range of literary genres; discover various methods for analyzing literature; examine current issues and trends in education. Our students get to do it all. Future English teachers take coursework both in English and in educational studies to learn research-based methods for teaching English language arts to high school students.

Community connection

Community is an integral part of teacher preparation at Monmouth. Time in the preparation program will involve working closely with an area high school English teacher during practicum work in their classroom. In their final year students conclude with a semester-long student teaching experience in a high school English classroom.

Our graduates are prepared to teach students to engage with complex texts, think critically and communicate effectively – all within a meaningful context. In turn, they’ll be prepared to change the world.