Art Faculty

  • Brian Baugh

    Professor and Chair, Art
    Curator, College Art Collections

    Office phone: 309-457-2108
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  • Stephanie J. Baugh

    Associate Dean of Academic Initiatives
    Associate Professor, Art
    Interim Chair, Spanish and Latin American Studies
    Gallery Director

    Office phone: 309-457-2255
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  • Sculpture professor Stacy Lotz in protective gear, ready to teach welding.

    Stacy Lotz

    Professor, Art

    Office phone: 309-457-2359
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  • Janis Mars Wunderlich

    Associate Professor, Art

    Office phone: 309-457-2206
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Education Faculty

  • Tammy La Prad

    Assistant Professor and Co-Chair, Educational Studies

    Office phone: 309-457-2118
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  • Craig Vivian

    Craig Vivian

    Professor and Co-Chair, Educational Studies
    Coordinator, Peace Corp Prep

    Office phone: 309-457-2307
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  • Sherry Bair

    Associate Professor, Educational Studies

    Office phone: 309-457-2339
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  • Brad Rowe

    Associate Professor, Educational Studies
    Coordinator, First-year Experience Seminar

    Office phone: 309-457-2413
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  • Thomas Sargent

    Professor, Educational Studies
    Director, Teacher Education
    Officer, Teacher Licensure

    Office phone: 309-457-2343
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  • Michelle Holschuh Simmons

    Michelle Holschuh Simmons

    Associate Professor, Educational Studies

    Office phone: 309-457-2153
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