Rural Teacher Corps

Embracing place and taking on challenges in rural education.

TARTANS for rural strength

Rural communities have much to offer — and many challenges to face. TARTANS – which stands for Teachers Allied with Rural Towns and Neighborhood Schools – rural teacher corps in response to these challenges and in recognition of these opportunities. As a corps member in the TARTANS program, you’ll benefit from consistent programming, networking and specific instruction that will help you articulate your plan for becoming a visionary teacher in rural areas.


  • Targeted instruction about rural issues and rural education.
  • Experience working in a classroom built on place-based education principles, under the mentorship of practicing teachers.
  • Network with rural teachers, superintendents and community leaders.
  • Advantages in securing teaching positions in rural areas because of  participants’ ability to articulate a vision for rural education.
  • Access to national networks of rural teachers and to resources designed for rural educators.
  • Sense of purpose beyond classroom teaching.
  • Development of leadership and communication skills, advantageous for future rural teachers.
  • Annual stipend.

Join a visionary program

Monmouth teacher education students are invited to apply to join the TARTANS rural teacher corps each spring. In exchange for the program’s benefits, corps members should intend to teach in a rural school for at least three years after graduation. 

To prepare our students to articulate their visions, we ask each of the TARTANS to create a vision poster for Scholars Day, which is a celebration of intellectual activity at Monmouth College.

For more information about the TARTANS program, contact Professors Arren Duggan or Tammy La Prad.