John Hanlon started his dental program at SIUE after graduating from Monmouth in 2017.

Pre-dental students can major in any discipline, but the core science courses (one year of Biology, two years of Chemistry, one year of Physics, one semester of Biochemistry) must be completed to attend dental school. That’s why Biochemistry, Biology and Chemistry are common majors for students who aim to head to dental school.

Some dental schools require additional courses, such as anatomy and physiology, microbiology and statistics; students should check the requirements for the schools to which they wish to apply and connect with their advisors to schedule their classes to meet these requirements.

  • <blockquote class="callout-quote"><div class="callout-quote-text"><p> “The one-on-one attention from professors at Monmouth was truly key to my success as a student. … As a pre-dental student, it was comforting to be in a place that you knew wanted you to excel as a student. I will always be grateful for all the opportunities that Monmouth gave me.”</p></div><footer class="callout-quote-footer">Saxon Day ’18</footer></blockquote>
  • <blockquote class="callout-quote"><div class="callout-quote-text"><p> “Monmouth College more than prepared me for the challenges that I have faced at SIU-SDM. I am forever grateful for the outstanding educational foundation that I receive during my four years of being a Scot. The faculty gave me a clear vision of how to achieve my professional goals and were with me every step of the way to achieve them.”</p></div><footer class="callout-quote-footer">John Hanlon ’17, Southern Illinois University School of Dental Medicine</footer></blockquote>