DATA 151. Introduction to Data Science 1.0 course credit

A complete introduction to the full data science workflow, spanning initial investigation and data acquisition to the communication of final results. Students will learn through case studies and hands-on experience. Includes a basic introduction to a high-level programming language, data exploration and wrangling, data summarization and visualization, basic statistical modeling, and working on and sharing projects collaboratively.

DATA 240. Data Science Applications 1.0 course credit

In Data Science Applications students will work in small groups to carry out three data science projects. Special attention will be paid to the collection and curation of data sets but each project will require the students make clear problem statements, identify and gather data to address the problem, perform the necessary analysis and modeling, and present their results. Prerequisites: DATA151 and COMP151.

DATA 401. Senior Capstone: Research 0.5 course credit

DATA 401 is focused on developing a detailed proposal for the senior project where the project’s place in data science and the domain from which their problem is drawn is clear and a workable plan for completing the project in DATA402 is established. Students will take the semester to research topics surrounding their project, identify the wider context of in which their work fits, and prepare themselves to immediately begin implementing their proposal the following semester in DATA 402. Throughout the semester, students will make regular checkpoint presentations demonstrating their progress. At the end of the semester, students will present their proposed project to a general audience Prerequisites: DATA240 and senior status.

DATA 402. Senior Capstone: Implementation 0.5 course credit

DATA 402 is focused on the implementation of the plans proposed by the student in DATA 401 and the identification of the concrete instantiation of fundamental principles of data science at play within the various facets of the project. Each student in the class will give checkpoint presentations on a semi-regular basis in order to receive feedback from peers and faculty regarding the current state of student projects and their understanding of the project’s underlying fundamentals. Towards the end of the semester, students will use their project as the basis for a Scholar’s Day poster and accompanying presentation. Prerequisites: DATA401, DATA240, and senior status.