Data Science

Data science combines computer science, statistics and math to help us mine and understand data.

Your watch. Your phone. Your car. Your Spotify account. Even your refrigerator.

Nearly every device and service we use can collect data about the actions we take, the things we like, the products we buy. But then what? How does that data become useful? How can you use data to tell better stories? To persuade? To predict positive or negative outcomes?

Welcome to the challenges at the heart of data science

A data science minor equips students with a background in statistics, machine learning, programming, algorithms, data analysis and data visualization. Our program is rooted in a strong liberal arts foundation, so our students graduate with plenty of technical expertise but also develop a breadth of knowledge needed to make sound, ethical data-informed decisions.

Data science minors are required to take courses outside of their department so they not only develop the technical expertise to collect, curate, process data and model data, but they also effectively communicate their work to others who are not data scientists.

Data science is all around us, and students can study ethical implications in real time

What is the significance of Facebook mining data to predict users’ opinions, values and political views and deliver content accordingly? What does it mean for your grocery store to track and store data about what you buy? When should or shouldn’t information about an individual’s health be shared with the boarder public in the interest of public health or safety? Our curriculum helps students learn how to mine and analyze data, but it also helps them to carefully consider its use.

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