The Core Curriculum is at the heart of the transformational educational experience that Monmouth College offers and provides the foundation for students to explore their passions and understand the world and their place in it. The Core Curriculum at Monmouth College equips students with foundational academic skills, invites students to explore human cultures and the natural world through modes of inquiry traditional to the liberal arts, and challenges students to engage with diverse peoples and communities. The Core Curriculum includes requirements in Foundations, Inquiry, and Engagement:

Foundations ensures that students have the skills in reading and interpretation, analysis of texts and data, and oral and written communication. 


Inquiry provides students with opportunities to explore multiple ways of knowing through and about the arts, humanities, natural sciences, quantitative reasoning, and social sciences. 


Engagement challenges students to engage with diverse communities, languages and cultures and to address issues and problems in their relevant contexts.

The Core Curriculum is managed by a team of Coordinators who collaborate with and support instructors of all Core requirements.