Resources & Opportunities

Students have access to the College’s network and computers, which runs under Windows, along with a networking laboratory and new parallel computer lab. 

In addition to the college-wide resources, students have access to the departmental Linux lab, where they can work on personal projects or take part in the administration and maintenance of a small network of Linux computers.

Students get to experiment on Ellie, our very own computer numerical control (CNC) ma... Students get to experiment on "Ellie," our very own computer numerical control (CNC) machine.

Speak your language

Introductory courses expose students to the Racket, C++ and Java programming languages. Programming courses emphasize programming methods rather than features of a specific language. Consequently, our graduates find that they are able to apply good programming principles and quickly learn to use other programming languages as needed.

Students take a two-year sequence of courses focused on the fundamental principles of computing and then expand their view of computing by selecting from a set of upper-level courses focused on a particular area of computing. Departmental curriculum includes programming and data structures, assembly language, systems analysis and design, operating systems and file structures.