Computer Science

Develop your own app. Help NASA on its mission to Mars. Write code that helps Netflix users discover shows they’ll love to binge.

Computer science is a rapidly growing and ever-changing field that is primarily concerned with software design and development. Computer science graduates are in high demand. Our program develops our students’ abilities to think logically and promotes problem-solving skills. 

The computer science major provides a broad, high-quality undergraduate education in computer science within a liberal arts setting. We prepare students for the workforce and build a strong foundation of knowledge that is necessary for graduate study and lifelong learning.

Go beyond 0’s and 1’s

 Computer science is about more than sterile code. Computation effects every part of our daily lives, and we don’t shy away from acknowledging the real-world impact of your work. Our courses incorporate both theory and practical experience while tackling the ethical and social issues which relate to the discipline. You’ll be more than a techie, you’ll be a computer scientist.  

Get practical experience

Students complete a computer science project during the senior year. Recent student software development projects include multimedia and database applications, mobile applications, digital signal processing, and computer aided instruction projects.

We also host an open-source development lab that contains a student-maintained network of Linux based computers and a 3D printer. Students are encouraged to use this lab as a place to pursue computing interests outside of the classroom.

Computer Science News

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