Resources & Opportunities

Amazing opportunities

Students accompany faculty on frequent short-term trips to Mediterranean countries; work directly with ancient Greek, Roman and Egyptian artifacts in the College’s Shields Collection of Art and Antiquities; take courses in the College’s Archaeology Research Lab, which houses an important collection of Native American artifacts from western Illinois; attend the Cena Classica, an annual banquet of classical foods; participate in Classics Day, a biennial event that draws hundreds of visitors to campus; and use the department’s growing collection of historic reproductions to practice ancient sports and warfare and produce food and textiles.

Sharon Kuhlemier '20 tries on a reproduction of a Roman helmet. Sharon Kuhlemier '20 tries on a reproduction of a Roman helmet.Awards and honors

Each year, the Classics Department presents prizes and awards including the Virginia K. Hellenga Prize for Excellence in Latin, the Vicki Wine Prize for Excellence in Greek and the Thomas J. Sienkewicz Prize in Classics.

Harold J. Ralston Classics Writing Prize

This annual writing contest for works written in English on classical themes is open to students enrolled full or part time during the academic year. Prize money of up to $350 will be divided between however many submissions are determined to be particularly excellent. Students’ entries may be in the form of an essay, short story, play, poem or any form of original writing. Visit our writing contests page for more information. 

Bernice L. Fox Classics Writing Contest

The contest is open to any student enrolled full-time in high school, anywhere in the world, during the current school year. An award of $250 will be given to the author of the best entry. The writing can be a short story, essay, play, poem, or original literary work. The topic changes each year. Visit our writing contests page for more information. 

Eta Sigma Phi We've taken students to the annual Eta Sigma Phi, the national undergraduate Classics honor s... We've taken students to the annual Eta Sigma Phi, the national undergraduate Classics honor society, meeting for more than 70 years.

Classics students at Monmouth College regularly hold leadership positions at the national level of Eta Sigma Phi (the national undergraduate Classics honor society) and receive awards from external organizations such as the Classical Association of the Middle West and South (CAMWS).

Scholarships for students

Any incoming student with an interest the language and culture of Classics can apply for a scholarship. Talk with your admission counselor for more information and to schedule an audition.


Students who major in classics, Greek or Latin develop skills in research, problem-solving and communication that are applicable to many fields. Career paths for classics graduates includemuseum curating, historical preservation, archival work, Latin teacher, library science, law, government, literary editing and publishing, or higher education. 


Posing in front of Wallace Hall decked out in Classics Day gear

The Capron Room, a Wallace Hall classroom dedicated to Classics, includes cases of classical art and a special collection of books.

The Hewes Library possesses a well-rounded collection of classical texts and a rare plaster cast of the Canopus (Tanis) Stone, a decree from Ptolemaic Egypt written in hieroglyphics, Greek and demotic.