We offer majors in Classics and Classical Languages and
minors in Classics, Latin and Greek. 

Fashion show crew at Classics Day IV. Fashion show crew at Classics Day IV.

Classics major requirements

Must complete 8 course credits in Classics, Latin or Greek.

Required courses

  • CLAS 200 Introduction to Classical Studies
  • CLAS 201 or 301 Classics Seminar 
  • CLAS 235 or 335 Greek, Roman and Mediterranean History
  • CLAS 195 Archaeology Lab

Other course requirements

Language courses, required for the major UNLESS the student places at a higher level (1.0 credit each): LATN 101 and 102 or GREK 101 and 102.

Other required credits should be taken from the range of CLAS, LATN or GREK courses that the department offers, or courses cross-listed with them from other departments, including HIST, PHIL, and THEA. Students should consult with our faculty to choose courses that best serve their purposes.

Classical languages major requirements

Required courses

  • CLAS 200: Introduction to Classical Studies
  • CLAS 201 or 301: Classics Seminar or any CLAS course taken at the 300 level. Students who take CLAS 335 to fulfill this requirement (fulfilling the requirement below) must take at least .5 credits of another CLAS course.
  • CLAS 235 or 335: Greek, Roman, and Mediterranean History

Other course requirements

7.0 credits must be taken in Latin and Greek languages, starting with 101 and 102. Of those 7.0 credits, 0.5 credits must be taken at the 200 level or above in each language: LATN 200/300/400: Directed Readings in Latin
and GREK 200/300/400: Directed Readings in Greek. 

And 2.0 more course credits must be in LATN or GREK 300 or 400.

Students who have Latin or Greek experience may be exempt from 101 or 102 depending on their level of proficiency. A score of 3+ on the AP Latin test or 4+ on IB tests in Latin or Classical Greek will automatically exempt a student from those two courses, count as one credit and place them in 200/300/400 classes.


Required course for all minors: CLAS 200: Introduction to Classical Studies.

Requirements for the Classics Minor

Students interested must complete 4 course credits in Classics, Latin, or Greek.

Requirements for the Greek Minor

Students must complete 4 course credits, 3.5 of which must be in Greek.

Requirements for the Latin Minor

Students must complete 4 course credits, 3.5 of which must be in Latin.

Transfer Credits:

Across the Core Curriculum and other programs of Monmouth College, most transfer courses are accepted. Departments Chairs have the final determination regarding how transfer credit will be applied to meet major or minor requirements. More information for transfer students is available on our Admission Transfer Credits page.