Academic Plan

BS in Chemistry Academic Plan

  • 34 credits are required to complete this degree program.
  • 16 credits are required for this major. Courses for this major come from CHEM, MATH, PHYS, and BIOC.
  • To make good academic progress, take 4 course credits each semester for the first and second years. In junior year, students should take 4.25 credits in both semesters. In the senior year, students should take 5 credits in the fall, and 4.5 credits in the spring.
  • Requirements for the Chemistry Major are included. Fill in the remaining credits every semester with Core Requirements (see guidelines below) or general electives.
  • This plan fulfills the requirement for the ACS accredited degree.

First Year: FALL

First Year: SPRING

CHEM 140* (1 cr.)

Core Foundations: FYII (1 cr.)

Core Foundations: ENGL 110 or COMM 101 (1 cr.)

MATH 151 see notes

CHEM 220 (1 cr.)

[MATH 151* or MATH 152 (1 cr.) see notes]

Core Foundations: ENGL 110 or COMM 101 (1 cr.)

Second Year: FALL

Second Year: SPRING

CHEM 228 (1 cr.)

PHYS 130 (1 cr.)

MATH 152* [if not earlier] (1 cr.)

CHEM 230 (1 cr.)

PHYS 132 (1 cr.)

MATH 152 [if not earlier] (1 cr.)

CHEM 270 (1 cr.)

Junior Year: FALL

Junior Year: SPRING

CHEM 312 (1 cr.)

BIOC 330 (1 cr.)

CHEM 350 (0.25 cr.) see notes

CHEM 322 (1 cr.)

CHEM 350 (0.25 cr.)

CHEM advanced elective (1 cr.)

Senior Year: FALL

Senior Year: SPRING

CHEM 325 (0.5 cr.)

CHEM 340 (1 cr.)

CHEM 350 (0.25 cr.)

CHEM 430 (0.25 cr.)

CHEM 350 (0.25 cr.)

CHEM 430 (0.25 cr.)

*CHEM 140 meets the Scientific Inquiry Core requirement

*MATH 151 meets the Quantitative Reasoning in Practice Core requirement


Underline = must be taken in sequence

Italics = prerequisites exist

* = meets Core Requirement

Additional Notes:

  1. Some students who do not have sufficient preparation in high school may need to take FYQR 120 (a Core Foundation Course) first. Other students may be placed into MATH 141. If so, students are encouraged to complete MATH 151 as soon as possible. If a student is interested in a health career, BIOL 150 may be taken in the first semester instead of MATH 141 or MATH 151.
  2. MATH 151 has a prerequisite. MATH 141 must be completed before taking MATH 151.
  3. CHEM 350 must be taken for four semesters for a total of 1 credit.

Guidelines for Core Requirements:

  • Core Foundations area courses – to be completed in the first year.
  • Core Inquiry area courses – recommended to complete one each year.
  • Core Engagement area courses – recommended to complete one each year.
    • Check if an Engagement course is offered within the Major requirements.

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