Yahnke Internship Fund

Yahnke Business and Economics Endowed Internship Fund helps give students’ careers a boost.

Established by Dick ’66 (pictured) and Lee Yahnke, the Yahnke Internship Fund plays an important role in enriching the experience of our business and economics majors. The Yahnke Internship Fund helps students with internship opportunities they might not otherwise be able to take, and it also alleviates their living costs, travel, and general needs during an internship.

Business or economics majors who have sophomore or junior status (or who are in the summers between their sophomore and junior or junior and senior years) are eligible to apply.

Each Yahnke Business and Economics Endowed Internships is awarded on a competitive basis. Students must complete the internship learning contract and submit a funding proposal that includes:

  1. A detailed description of the internship, including duties and activities.
  2. A summary of how the internship assist students in meeting their academic and career goals.
  3. A budget detailing the need and use of the requested funding.

Applicants submit their proposals to the chair of the business and economics program and the Director of the Wackerle Center, who will select the awardees based on the above factors. Preference is given to students with demonstrated financial need.

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