Biochemistry is a Bachelor of Science degree. Completion of this degree requires 16.5 courses within the major and 34.5 courses at the college. By selecting specific classes, a student may also complete an American Chemical Society certified degree in Biochemistry.

Biochemistry major requirements (Non-ACS certified)

  • BIOL 200 Cell Biology (completion of BIOL 150 is recommended prior to enrollment in BIOL 200)
  • CHEM 140 General Chemistry
  • CHEM 220 Introductory Analytical Chemistry
  • CHEM 228 Organic Chemistry I
  • CHEM 230 Organic Chemistry II
  • CHEM 312 Physical Chemistry I
  • BIOC 330 Biochemistry
  • BIOC 390 Advanced Biochemistry
  • MATH 151 Calculus I (fulfills QRP for the major)
  • MATH 152 Calculus II
  • PHYS 130 Physics I
  • PHYS 132 Physics II
  • CHEM 350 Science Seminar (for 4 semesters)
  • BIOC 430 Research (0.5 course credit) Students are required to participate for at least two semesters; one semester must be in the senior year. May be taken for 0.25 or 0.5 course credit.

Two of the three following biology courses:

  • BIOL 202 Genetics
  • BIOL 302 Microbiology
  • BIOL 354 Molecular Biology

One upper-level science or math course elective is also required. Students should consult with their advisor to determine the course(s) that they will use to fulfill this requirement. 

Recommended courses that can fulfill the elective include:

  • BIOC 300: Bioinformatics
  • BIOL 202: Genetics (if not used for core requirement)
  • BIOL 204 Human Anatomy & Physiology
  • BIOL 302 Microbiology (if not used for core requirement)
  • CHEM 322 Physical Chemistry II
  • CHEM 340/325:* Instrumental Analysis /Integrated Laboratory (1.5 courses) *Co-requisite courses (must be taken concurrently).

ACS Certified Degree in Biochemistry

Students who are interested in a career in industry or government labs or graduate school should consider completing the ACS Certified degree in Biochemistry. To obtain an ACS Certified Biochemistry degree, students must complete the following classes  in addition to the major requirements for Biochemistry:

  • CHEM 270 (Inorganic Chemistry)
  • BIOL 354 (Molecular Biology) as part of the biology requirements

And one of the following that may be used to fulfill the math/science elective:

  • CHEM 322 (Physical Chemistry II)
  • CHEM 325/CHEM 340 (Instrumental Analysis with Integrated Lab)
  • PHYS 325 (Solid State Physics)

Students who complete coursework for Biochemistry with the specific classes mentioned above complete the course-work required for an ACS certified degree. Final certification is contingent upon completion of a thorough written report of a research project completed in the final semester of research (BIOC 430). 

Transfer Credits:

Across the Core Curriculum and other programs of Monmouth College, most transfer courses are accepted. Departments Chairs have the final determination regarding how transfer credit will be applied to meet major or minor requirements. More information for transfer students is available on our Admission Transfer Credits page.